Al Queda’s Latest Stealth Weapon: Canadian Heart Attack Victims

keycop2.jpgCanadian plot cunningly thwarted by homeland security.

Yep, you can’t be too careful: even though it has a police escort and a pre-arranged border clearance, a savvy and well-trained homeland security guard just has to assume that an ambulance en route from Canada to the US with a patient in need of emergency angioplasty might – just might – be harboring an entire brigade of Iranian suicide bombers.

So of course, it’s your patriotic duty to pull it over, and, after getting ID from the driver, you take your good time to make the patient identify himself as well. Can’t rush these things just because someone might be dying back there.

It’s not only prudent and reassuring for the rest of us, it’s classy, too. Show those Canadians with their fancy health care system who’s boss. It’s a lot like when a Canadian fire crew responding to a US fire was stopped at the border. Smart, really smart. I feel so much safer now.

Your tax dollars hard at work keeping us afraid of everything…