All the Lawyers That are Fit to Slowly Roast Over Hot Coals

nofrillsThe Grey Lady aka the New York Times goes feral…

That’s the spirit, New York Times: when your brand is in the shitter, you’ve pawned your headquarters and sold out any remaining journalistic integrity you had left by hiring and retaining a coterie of clowns and craptacular pundits, what you really want to do to turn the tide is sue random websites for misusing your tired old slogan. It’s a sure-fire way to get back on your feet, and I encourage you to keep up the good work. It sure must beat decent journalism, becuase we’ve seen precious little of that from your side for quite some time.

Seriously. The Grey Lady has apparently lost her marbles and her bearings, too, and rather than try to find them again she’s apparently raving about like the bag lady from hell spewing invective at anyone within earshot. How sad. Hopefully she’ll be institutionalized soon, and before long, it’ll be all over. RIP.

(Via eschaton, image from here).