Limp, Lame, Lamentable, Liberal

keillorGreenwald points out that even Garrison Keillor has joined the pathetic choir of feel-good liberals who seem to think the best way to deal with war crimes and a violation of the core values represented in the Constitution is to “keep on walking” (in the unforgettable words of Peggy Noonan). Really, now. Explain again how that heals us and makes us a nation of laws if we deliberally (and un-constitutionally) push aside the law in order to spare the men (and women — I’m looking at you, Condi Rice, you sad sack excuse of a snivelling war criminal) who took it upon themselves to commit treason against everything we’d like to claim we stand for? How does that prevent it from happening again?

I love Keillor’s frumpy persona of the befuddled Lutheran English major, and I enjoy his old school show when  I get a chance to catch it on NPR, but perhaps Keillor should stick to reading poetry and mocking those of us of Scandinavian descent. Unfortunately, of course, he appears to represent the mainstream Democrats here — seller-outers, bailer-outers, roller-overers, the lot of them. In a word: Pathetic.