And I’m Supposed to Support This Party Why, Exactly?

The Democratic Party is increasingly becoming an embarrassment. Okay, I suppose that could be seen as an accomplishment, given how pathetic they already were. But really: not only did Obama and Harry Reid decide that, in spite of his monumental douchebaggery, Rape Gurney Joe should get to keep his Committee chairmanships and remain a close friend of the very party that he’s been actively pissing on and underminig for years. Even now, when he’s actively supporting a Republican agenda, he is allowed to remain part of the inner circle of influential “Democrats.” And not only did they hand over large parts of the health care reform process to Grade A Dipshit Ben Nelson of Nebraska — who ran with the opportunity to screw the pooch and place a big, fat earmark for himself and Nebraska in the final bill — but they then proceeded to reward the nasty little shit for that kind of behavior with a cool half million dollars of DNC money waay outside of any election cycle. Inquiring minds say: WTF?

And now, taking that as a clear hint that he can do no wrong, Ben Nelson has announced that he’s going to filibuster Obama’s appointment of Craig Becker’ to the National Labor Relations Board. I guess this is where it’s prudent to reiterate that Ben Nelson is — at least nominally — still a Democrat. And there I was, thinking that, if nothing else, Democrats could at least be counted on to support the labor end of the labor relations equation. Silly me. This does highlight one thing, however: with friends like Ben & Joe, what value was there really in that precious 60 seat majority which Reid & Obama wasted on accomplishing fuck-all? Or, rather: why lament the loss of the super-majority, or pretend it really mattered in the first place, if it was contingent on appeasing reactionary retards like Nelson and Lieberman? It’s like claiming your ship is perfectly sea-worthy, except for that propeller that spinning the wrong way and the gaping hole in the bow. Sure, Reid & Obama can wail and gnash their teeth about how they suddenly can’t get anything done because those mean ol’ Republicans who will now filibuster everything. But really, boys: either you could and should have passed it all before you allowed Brown to ride into town, buck-naked in his shiny pick-up truck, or you need to own up to the uncomfortable fact that right now, the obstructionism is not so much coming from the (would-be irrelevant, if it weren’t for the fact that Obama insists on inviting them to the table so they can revel in mucking things up) Republicans, as it is from Democratic senators. If Reid & Obama and Tim Kaine had any kind of strategy, they’d take a bunch of those wankers out behind the White House woodshed and serve them a heaping big helping of whoop-ass. But maybe it’s time to stop with the theatricals and for Obama & Reid to own up to the fact that they weren’t really that keen on passing anything particularly epic anyway, and that it actually suits them just fine to have some scapegoats for what is, in essence, your own fatally flawed approach to Democratic policy-making. You’re where you’re at because you’ve sold out on the values your party used to represent, and you’re stuck with people like Ben Nelson becaause at the end of the day, he represents what you’ve come to cherish: the status quo, the corporate interests, the big players with the big checks.

I have no idea what Tim Kaine’s strategy for the DNC might be, or if, indeed, he even has one at all. Maybe he’s simply trying to outdo Steele in the “crummiest, most incompetent chairman evah” category, and he might just nab the trophy it if he keeps this up. A bit like wining the Biggest Midget award at the Social Outcast Games, but still… oh, shiny! Or maybe his strategy is the ol’ tried and true Democratic Fail Plan: pretend to be Democrats, act like you’re Republicans, then feign disbelief when people pick the real deal in the election, restart the cycle by positioning yourselves as a genuine opposition party. Lather, rinse, repeat. I guess it keeps the money flowing from suckers who keep believing that Lucy will one day leave the football in place and keep coming back for more.

Oh, and Harry Reid: if your job description talks about managing everybody else’s lethargy to ensure that absolutely nothing gets done, then you, Sir, are doing an amazing job. Simply outstanding. Stellar. Yes, you may just be the pre-eminent clusterfucker of your era. Otherwise? For shame, old man, for shame. Even if the good people of Nevada can only find a three-legged syphilitic goat to run against you in the primaries, my money would still be on the goat. But of course, you can probably rely on your good friend Tim Kaine over at the DNC for some undeserved campaign contributions — I hear he’s a sucker for treason and sell-outs.