Attention Shoppers: Sears Sucks

fridge.jpgI mean, it’s not like we didn’t know that Sears Sucks Big Time … But since the only solution to their last round of suckage was for us to buy another of their flawed products, I suppose it was inevitable that teh suck would come back to haunt us yet again. So here we are, our barely three year old Kenmore fridge/freezer has died, and the soonest Sears could be bothered to come out and examine why their semi-disposable $1000+ appliance is on the fritz was 10 days after it died. I’m half-tempted to mail them a bag of formerly frozen shrimp as a token of my gratitude…

But is it lonely out here in the land of Sears Suckers? Hardly. I mean, there’s an entire nation of ex-Sears customers out there with a story to tell. I want to highlight Mallika’s intentblog entry here, if nothing else but for the cool fact that she comes up top of the list on a Google search for “sears sucks.” Nice work, Malikka, and your rant thread is still active after almost two years… I hope your dish washer works now.

Seriously, just how sucky do you have to be as a company before you realize that it’s costing you business big time? Oh, wait, Sears already did the belly-up thing and ended up at a shotgun wedding with K-Mart. Now they’re a happy couple: Mr. & Mrs. Shitty-Crap. Your One-stop shop for all things that suck.