Cutting Edge Journalism, Yo!

dumbI’m so glad to see the AP is still on top of the pressing matters of the day, like the war in Iraq, the pending depression, war crimes tribunals for Bush & Co, Gaza, etc. etc. Case in point:

WASHINGTON – Each president seems to have a distinct, though subtle, style for those much-photographed White House departures. And Barack Obama is no exception.

George W. Bush walked with a manifestly brisk stride whenever he got on Marine One for the short helicopter ride to nearby Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. So, too, does Obama. But the new president at times also projects a less-formal image.

Obama smiled and waved as he walked across crossed the South Lawn under a light rain Thursday morning for his trip to Canada. He wore no raincoat despite the conditions.

Seriously. If this is what they deem important, it should be no surprise that the mainstream media is the laughing stock of, well, everyone except themselves and their friends in high places. Wankers.