Dispatches From The Wars On Everything

hamster-tomatoOur tax dollars hard at work as always:

Police last month raided an Española-area school looking for marijuana growing in a greenhouse, but all they found there were tomatoes.

Look, it’s not really embarrassing that “Region III Narcotics Task Force” swooped in with their ninja salsa-stealing team and raided the school only to find tomatoes (Though I love the school administrator’s comment that they could just have asked for a tour of the greenhouses if they wanted one). Shit happens, sometimes you get it wrong. No, what’s really painful is the realization that so many resources are poured into this complete waste of time. Or, as the head of the school so poignantly says:

We’re sitting here as a teaching staff, always short on money, and we’re thinking, ‘Gosh, all the money it takes to fly that helicopter and hire all those people, it would be great to have this for education.

Yes, imagine that. Fancy a society where the schools got all the money they wanted, and the finger-wagging and paranoid moral police had to hold a bakesale to buy tear gas and bullet-proof vests.

From almost any perspective, this is epic fail: the war on drugs as a whole is a failure. The overall efforts of these clowns in camo is a finger-in-the-dike scale failure. And this particular raid was a failure. Clearly, the tax-paying citizens of New Mexcio are quite right when they claim they’re not getting a whole lot of bang for their buck.