Drugs on Wheels

africa_bike_1.jpgI love biking. I love bike racing. And it’s been tough to watch the last couple of years’ of bad, bad publicity for a great sport.


I really can’t get to riled up about the fact that all the big riders have done what they could to enhance their performance — it’s only natural in an environment where every fractional percentage point of added output counts. They keep building bikes out of cooler materials, they train harder — and of course, they do anything else they can (or can’t) get away with to gain an edge. I really have a hard time getting all worked up over it.

If I feel crappy and I take some Motrin, I’ll feel better and ride better — is that suddenly doping? Of course EPO is a different kettle of fish, but fundamentally I think it’s impossible to properly delineate what can and can’t be allowed.