Dummer Than Your Average Pair of Pumps

cnn_vatican.jpgOkay, I could be quite wrong and unreasonably critical here, and for someone who doesn’t ever watch TV maybe I’m being hypocritical. But I’m convinced there are fuzzy green things growing in the back of my garden with a significantly higher IQ than CNN’s “Faith & Values” Correspondent, Delia Gallagher.

It wouldn’t take much to outshine her “reporting while blonde” moment. The piece she did this morning on the new Catholic Credit Card that gives a one percent donation to the (historically cash-strapped) Vatican with every purchase could have been interesting enough. But while insisting that they’d done actual research throughout the week on the subject, all Ms. Gallagher could do was provide vapid platitudes about the heavenly bliss of shopping without guilt. Oh, and the Mormons had told her they didn’t encourage spending on credit.

The closing comment: “what a way to feel better about buying that new pair of shoes” perfectly sums up the quality of CNN’s in-depth coverage of the “Fait & Values” beat.

(via Raw Story).