Finally! A Real American Holiday

20060206_fg26Hell, yeah! Leave it to the inbred boys in Mormon flyover country to show the rest of the world just how retarded and out of touch with civilization America can be. Utah State Sen. Mark Madsen (R – Socially Tone Deaf) is trying to push the Utah legislature to make MLK Day a combined holiday also celebrating Utah native John Moses Browning.

“I see them as complementary” said Madsen. And, really, what could be better or more appropriate and complementary than the celebration of the preeminent American civil rights advocate alongside the inventor of the gas-powered machine gun? It’s like Ben & Jerry’s, Gin & Tonic… Martin & John’s extra-special day off. What’s next? Maybe a holiday in honor of Ted Nugent?

So get on out there, remember Selma, and kill something small and furry with the equivalent of a hand-held nuke. It’s what Mr. Browning would’ve done.