What — Sebelius Has Been in a Coma Since Last January?

Not-In-Kansas-Anymore--46191Honestly… this is beyond embarrasing. Kathleen Sebelius is either too dumb to be allowed anywhere near a cabinet post, or she’s parroting the Obama/Emanuel camp’s latest variation on “maybe if we blow them really well they’ll come back and screw us again some other time.” I mean, really:

Sebelius said the president’s proposal is unlikely to include a government-run insurance plan that is anathema to most Republicans. The public option is part of the House-approved bill but was dropped from Senate legislation.

“A lot of the Republican members of the House and Senate said on day one when this debate began that they would love to work with the president, but they could not work around the public option. Now that [we] don’t have a public option, I’m hoping they’re good to their word and come to the summit not just with their ideas but with a proposal.

“There are a lot of good Republican ideas in both the House and Senate bills,” she told Gupta. “I hope the Republicans come ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.”

A lot of good Republican ideas… pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Oh, but this new round of bi-partisan chit-chats is so promising — because after all, when Obama invited the GOP around to participate the first time around they were oh, so fucking eager to work constructively on health care reform. Wait, what — oh, that’s right. No, they weren’t. Skillfully aided by total dipshits like Ben Nelson, Harry Reid, Kent Conrad, and wanker supreme, Max Baucus, the Republicans managed to throw every obstacle possible in the way of progress, and all of that came after Obama conceded half the battle up front in order to even get them to invite his sorry ass to the prom. It’s like date rape — and now Sebelius is smacking her lips and asking for another round? Seriously, Kathleen, you’re not in Kansas any more…

(always awesome images from freakingnews.com)