Giving it up for the planet

no_kids.jpgThese are the kinds of dweebs that give environmentalists and the notion of a social conscience a bad reputation. Why on earth would you think that your giving up having kids would improve anything at all?

It’s fine not to want kids, I can certainly respect that, but arguing that you don’t want kids them because they’ll pollute and abuse the planet is just plain idiotic. How about feeling secure enough about your beliefs that you can assume you will raise a child that’ll help improve things, maybe even be a pioneer in finding amazing solutions to all the problems? If we all decide to “save the planet” by not having kids, then what’s the point, really? And if the hard-core environmentalists all give up having kids doesn’t that simply leave the planet in the hands of the Styrofoam cup crowd? So now you’re busting your ass and giving up parenthood to improve the planet for a bunch of ungrateful plastic bag abusers?