GOP: Breathing Optional for American School Children

corporalpunishmentKeeping it classy and compassionate as always, the family values crowd in the GOP has been busy slamming a recent bit of legislature intended to protect American school kids from the onslaught of abuse and mistreatment that seems to prevail throughout an overstressed and underappreciated education system.

It’s always helpful — if painful — to get them on record, but here they are again: the same crowd that feigns oh, so much shock and horror at the thought of an abortion has the temerity to stand up and speak out against a law that would “prohibit restraints that restrict breathing or compromise safety and security” of school kids. No, really: apparently, once those kids are born, it’s perfectly okay with the GOP to strangle them or beat the shit out of them.

Meanwhile, I’m dismayed to hear that Vermont is one of the States that has no formal guidelines governing how schools can restrain students. Really? Why is that? I wonder if that might be something I could get my local state reps to take on…

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