The Difference Between Vermont and New Hampshire

I spend half my time across the border in New Hampshire, my wife works there, my kids will eventually go to middle and high school there, but I would never, ever want to live there. Why? Well, it’s sometimes convenient to have a short, succinct summary of the difference between Vermont (“funky granola green mountain” state) and New Hampshire (“uptight yankee live free or die” state).

This little nugget sums it up pretty neatly. On the one hand, Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator from Vermont, arguing for health care reform, on the other hand, Judd Gregg, Republican Senator from New Hampshire, being a grade A hypocritical douchebag (or, as I said, a Republican Senator). Who would you rather have call the shots on anything from taxes to health care to the environment to education to foreign policy to the time of day? And while you’re coming up with an answer to that one, perhaps you can tell me what Obama was smoking when he tried to make Judd Gregg Commerce Secretary? Probably the same stuff that made him pick Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff — he really should lay off those hallucinogenics; they mess with his head.

(ht: Dailykos)