He Came, He Ran, He Kicked Some Ass!

runner.jpgLeaf Peepers 2007 in Stowe is perhaps the best possible setting for a personal best at a half-marathon. A beautiful out-and-back course, partly on gravel, great time of year: not too warm, not too cold, peak fitness, well organized event… And so, I did. 1:35:07 is a pretty good time for a guy who only a few years ago hated the concept of running and would have denied ever so much as trying a half marathon. I’ve since given up on the triathlons that got me started on running, but now I’m completely addicted to that side of personal challenges.

I may never become the fastest or most graceful runner out there (fat chance, old man!) but I’m loving it. So far, the knees, ankles, tendons and all the other stuff that can go kablooie on runners has held up, and I’m using the runs as cross-training for biking and cross-country skiing.

2008 will have me doing another Covered Bridges Half Marathon in early June, and probably another crack at both Leaf Peepers in September and the ChAD Outrun The Sun in August. Secretly, I’d like to think I could break 1:30 at least at the end of the season (top 10 in my age group would still require something like 1:22 or so, which is never happening), but realistically I don’t think I’ve got it in me to train that hard…