With Friends Like These…

zot.gifWhee. The Democratic contenders for the throne came and went last night; Dartmouth College — in all its Ivy aloofness — played host to the debate between all eight (quick! name ’em all… I dare you). And, largely, they’re just such a pitiful bunch. Hillary was fresh off her vote for the Kyl-Lieberman amendment to the defense bill that basically declares war on Iran (great way to show us how you’re really regretting your vote in support of the Iraq war, lady!), a vote that Obama conveniently missed — just like he missed the unpleasant and controversial votes earlier this week that would have spelled out his position on things like the First Amendment and habeas corpus. What a lame little sucker he’s turning out to be, but then of course, you could’ve expected little else from a freshman senator who chose Joe Lieberman as his mentor when he entered Congress.

According to my wife (who went and oggled the debate in person) the only truly visionaries were Kucinich and Gravel — both outsiders that are allowed in largely for the entertainment factor. What a shame that they’re the ones that actually have, you know, ideas and policies that might actually make a difference, while Hillary, Obama and Edwards have polished, focus-grouped talking points and absolutely zero courage or conviction.

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