Health Insurance Companies Give Free Ponies to Everybody

My_Little_CthulhuOh. no, wait, not ponies:

Some of the largest U.S. health insurers are changing their accounting practices to book administration costs as medical costs in an attempt to circumvent new industry reforms

They’re giving the middle finger to everybody. So says Reuters. I’m sure this will come as a shock to Barack Obama and his crack squad of health care advisors who bent over backwards to fellate every insurance lobbyist they could find while they “negotiated” a reform package written by the industry itself.

This is why it so cracks me up to hear Obama’s faithful supporters insist that the HCR bill is really teh awesome and the best we could do and yada yada yada. And yet, a full four years before it even kicks in, the few potentially positive changes the bill might have delivered are already being undermined by the insurance industry. Which is why we needed a public option to release their stranglehold on our health care — or even better, we could have rendered the insurance industry complety with a genuine single payer system. That would have been change we could believe in. That would have given us hope. This pathetic wet fart of a sellout is going to be chewed up and spit out by Aetna and Friends so fast that by the time the reform kicks in they can kick back and enjoy business as usual — with the sweet, sweet added bonus of billions of tax payer dollars for their trouble. So very socialist of Mr. “health care is my biggest priority”, so very progressive of his friends in the Democratic Party.


(Awesome C’Thulhu mutant My Little Pony by Spippo at Deviantart)