His and Her Matching Hardship

lars, covered bridges 2009Lisa, Covered Bridges 2009

It was that time of year again: Covered Bridges Half Marathon from beautiful Woodstock to equally beautiful Quechee, Vermont. It’s one of two “local” half-marathons that we’ve done for a couple of years now, and it’s that weird combination of breathtaking scenery, good company and intense pain and suffering that makes you question your sanity. Why not just drive out and look at the scenery, but bag the running part? But that’d be little or no fun.

Hadn’t trained at all for this thing — two long runs a couple of weeks before was about it, so didn’t have high expectations. But felt good the morning of the race and conditions started out perfect, so I gave it a shot at my perennial goal of breaking 1:30. It turned hot and humid half way thru, though, so like most others in the 7 minute mile crowd I had to concede defeat… 1:32:15 (net time) was still a PB, so can’t complain. Of course, I also couldn’t walk for a few days — all good things come at a price.

Lisa as always enjoyed the run at her pace and didn’t feel quite as beat up by the end of it. More power to her. All results are here, for those who care.