Horay for The NYPD — Apparently, Theres No More Crime in NYC

173-0714222914-cop-kickWhat an unmitigated success the police state turned out to be. Apparently, the NYPD has completely eradicated all crime from the streets of New York, and the many, many officers paid for by the city’s tax payers are forced to justify their salaries by making random and bogus arrests of people for completely ridiculous shit like “riding a bike on the sidewalk.”

And when even that’s not enough to fill the quota, they do not hesitate to lash out at innocent bystanders and antagonize them in order to then charge them with “interfering with police business.” That’s one hell of a neat racket they’ve got going.

Apparently, the whole crack-down on bicyclists in the city is a deliberate thing. What’ll the next target be? Toddlers? Little old ladies? Damn, people in NY must be longing for the good ol’ days under Ed Koch where the cops could at least busy themselves with drug dealers and petty thieves.

Of course, if the brave boys from the NYPD had been a little more alert, they could also have unleashed the newest trick in the cops’ quiver of corrupt law enforcement tools, and busted the guy with the camera simply for filming them so valiantly protecting everybody. Because we have to remember: the threat to society is never the irresponsible and despicable acts of lawless, rogue officers on the prowl for citizens to torment while arrogantly assuming that they’ll get away with everything; no, it’s those dreadful digital anarchist with their cameras who dare to document the cops and then have the temerity to make the proof of their crimes public. Have no no sense of decency? I mean, how’s a cop to run his protection racket  if he can’t be sure he’s not being caught on tape?

Yes, sure, of course: it’s stupid to ride your bike on the sidewalk; dangerous, even, if you’re a dick about it. So, stop the guy, and give him a friendly reminder that he needs to play his part in the community. Running a red light on a bike? Depends what light and where. Being pedantic about it and simply issuing tickets for everything is *so* counterproductive.

(graphic from here)