All My Shots Are Belong To You?

Go figure. Those huge egos on the stage? Apparently they now think they own everything. Even the pictures that are being taken of them. Old story (March), but still interesting: apparently, a photographer sent to shoot a Lady GaGa concert was presented with a release form that demanded among other things:

Photographer hereby acknowledges and agrees that all right, title and interest (including copyright) in and to the Photograph(s) shall be owned by Lady Gaga and Photographer hereby transfers and assigns any such rights to Lady Gaga.

Really, now? That’s pretty ballsy, even for a cross-dressing lady-boy. There’s no way anyone should sign that kind of nonsense — as a photographer, you own the rights to your pictures. Period. You may have shot them for someone else on contract, you may have agreed that they can use them forever for whatever. But the pictures remain yours.

Sad if not surprising to see this happen. Hopefully it’ll result in a backlash and less media exposure for attention whores like GaGa.

(via PetaPixel, and that photo of Lars Ulrich from Metallica is mine, all mine)