International School of Kigali 1, Ecole Francais 0

IMG 8547

Club Circle Sportif, a run-down francophone country-club-in-the-city with a decent grassy field and one of the few remaining relics of a long gone colonial era, played host to a not-so-epic game between two thoroughly mismatched teams of middle and high schoolers (yep, that’s a bad sign right there ā€“ on the one hand, you had skinny little sixth graders a few years shy of hitting puberty, on the other hand, you had 200 pound seniors who apparently had been shaving for over a decade).

IMG 8550At least a dozen spectators (including an exuberant trio of ISK cheerleaders) had made the trip across town to show their support for the ISK team.

In spite of being the distinct underdogs (up against a team with matching shorts and jerseys ā€“ whoa!), the ISK players impressed, and their efforts resulted in a well-deserved goal halfway through the first half. The team even survived a penalty shot right before the halftime whistle.

It was looking like an entirely wonderful Wednesday’s outing right until the last few minutes, when one of the biggest Ecole Francais players decided to vent his apparent frustration over the impending loss by steam rolling an ISK player, fracturing his clavicle.

Not nice.