Is It Too Much To Ask?

lieberman.jpgIt was great to see AP vindicated in their recent epic battle against teh stupid, aka Michelle Malkin and her army of brain donors. All the same, AP still largely sucks at reporting without bias. Though, IMHO, their bias is largely towards pro-admin coverage of events and an apparent unwillingness to call things by their proper name.

Case in point: look at this picture from AP just now. Notice anything odd? The headline says “Democrats To Challenge Bush’s Iraq Plan.” But, and let me type this really slowly, since it clearly has been missed by the AP’s eagle-eyed current affairs reporters: Joe. Lieberman. Is. No. Longer. A. Democrat. It’s a fact, go look it up. He left the party and started his own. He is elected as an Independent.

So, to run his ugly (and by ugly I mean put-a-bag-over-it-and-look-the-other-way ugly) mug alongside that headline is, how shall we say, not accurate. It’s misleading. And it’s odd: why does that windbag still get to speak for the Democrats? Why doesn’t Harry Ried take issue with this, and carefully explain to the Senator from Connecticut that he is not appreciated as a spokesperson any longer. Not that he ever really was, but now it’s at least a legitimate request based on party affiliation.

Lieberman is one of the main reasons that Bush’s current Iraq plan (such as it is) has been allowed to play out for so long and at such painful cost to thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Up until, oh, five minutes ago, Lieberman’ new Iraq plan was largely the same as Bush’s new Iraq plan: “give it another try, go long, send some more kids off to die, and call me in the morning for another quote.” That toady is not and will never be a spokesman for anything that might oppose the Powers That Be — his entire being is about kissing ass and sucking up, it is not about opposing Bush.

So, AP, please, find a picture of someone else, would ya?