Kabuki for the Unwashed Masses

amd_ballet_02So, after weeks of not giving a shit about the rapid erosion of the case for genuine health care reform courtesy of Glenn Beck’s minions, the Blue Dog Dems, and the, ahem, intellectually and morally challenged members of the GOP, Rahm Emanuel suddenly got all snippy with them tonight? Because they heckled the President. His little pep talk to the nation, encouraging us all to embrace one another across party lines and do the right thing was interrupted by Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina. And that, apparently, was too much for Emanuel, who has been too busy fellating insurance lobbyists to notice that the Republicans have been tearing the reform proposal limb from limb all summer. Or maybe Emmanuel really doesn’t give a shit about the reform package, but cares an awful lot about decorum and the power games of Congress, and saw this not so much as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of reform to the average American (hint: they’re his employers), but rather as an opportunity to prance and posture a bit.

Greenwald points out this doozie over at Sadly No! which deals perfectly with the whole “let’s make a big deal out of nothing, but do nothing about the big deal” approach to feigning concern for what really matters, and apparently caring an awful lot about things that don’t matter one bit. Oh, and Tom Tomorrow highlights hypocrisy and double standards like it’s nobody’s business.