I do love me some Matt Taibbi

This is journalism. Not just because I happen to agree with everything Mat writes here, particularly his scathing criticism of the Obama administration approach to health care reform (can you say “clusterfuck”? I knew you could), but becuase he is able to cut thru all the complex bullshit and spin and get to the core of the issue. It is inspiring to see it done this well, and I only wish I could write half as well as he does.

[…] here’s what ended up happening with health care. First, they gave away single-payer before a single gavel had fallen, apparently as a bargaining chip to the very insurers mostly responsible for creating the crisis in the first place. Then they watered down the public option so as to make it almost meaningless, while simultaneously beefing up the individual mandate, which would force millions of people now uninsured to buy a product that is no longer certain to be either cheaper or more likely to prevent them from going bankrupt. The bill won’t make drugs cheaper, and it might make paperwork for doctors even more unwieldy and complex than it is now.

Please. Go read the whole thing over at Rolling Stone. Then check what your local Congresscritter has contributed — and decide how much longer you’re willing to support politicians of any flavor who make a living betraying the people they were supposed to serve.