No, It's Not Wrong — That's Just How I Roll

bait-and-switchRealizing that the wheels are about to come off the Change-mobile, Obama shows once again why he is so very worthy of a top job in American politics:

I, like most of the American people, don’t begrudge people success or wealth. That is part of the free- market system.

This was his remark in response to the current round of extravagant bonus payments to Obama’s overlords on Wall Street the hard-working bankers and investors that he so very, very generously bailed out at great tax payer expense when their particular flavor of Russian Roulette starting going very badly wrong. So, it would appear that this is how Sir Change-a-Lot rolls:

  • Make audacious statements about the obscene greed on Wall Street to get the masses all fired up to elect you.
  • Spend our tax payer dollars buttering up the very people you claimed were obscenely overpaid. 
  • Change nothing substantive about a corrupt system that allows the banksto rip off customers and tax payers while lavishly rewarding themselves with a king’s ransom in undeserved bonus payments.
  • As the cognitive dissonance grows, change your tune a full 180, so your position is at least consistent with your (in)actions.

You gotta give it to him: he’s really quite the smooth operator. Just like most con artists… So, to roll with the Peanuts analogy: instead of slapping Lucy around for messin’ with the ball as he’d promised to do, Obama has decided that this is exactly the way he likes to play the game, and it’s the rest of us who are totally mistaken when we insist he’s supposed to kick the ball.