Douglas Wants his Glow-in-the-dark Constituents

DW-Rides-SlimeBowlTheatre-1popFor sheer entertanment value, few things beats Governor Douglas’ attempts at quelling the flames of a pending PR disaster. Here he is in today’s Rutland Herald, explaining to all of us ignorant citizens of Vermont why we really should shut the fuck up with all our whining about the the toxic green slime oozing out of every crevice of Vermont Yankee:

People have to be exposed to a substantial amount of tritium over a long period in order to be in danger, Douglas said.

“It is not as serious a threat as some other isotopes are,” he said.

Totally. It’s, like, MSG in your food, or a little rust on the back of your car. Nothing to get all worked up about. Heck, coming from Jim Douglas, who never tells a lie or serves his corporate constituents first, and the citizens of Vermont second, I’m certainly convinced. How about you? Like the man said, it’s not as serious a threat as some other isotopes are. Everyone gets cancer these days, anyway. Perhaps he is telling us that Vermont Yankee is just getting started and will be ready to expose us to some of those other isotopes if we’ll just renew their license to serve poison us for another couple of decades? Heck, serve me up another lfietime of this shit, I can’t wait.

(h/t to greenmountaindaily as always for the latest scoop on Yankee-Gate)