Odd Easter: God Saves Helicopter, Kills Boy

So, some random whackjob in LA celebrated the holidays by taking pot shots at people from his rooftop, then turned the rifle at a responding police chopper. According to Asst. Chief Earl Paysinger:

“This situation could have easily turned tragic, and we were just fortunate that the aircraft was able to land safely without injury to the officers or the public,” he said. “It’s ironic that it happened on Easter Sunday. Someone divine was watching over us.”

So, notch one up for God on his big day of the year. Yay for saving a helicopter. Across the Atlantic, however, all was not well. An 11-year old boy dropped off a zip line and plunged to his death. According to the park’s operations manager, Steve Williams:

the safety equipment had been checked yesterday morning in line with their procedure and everything had been in order

So, since it wasn’t mechanical failure, it would seem fair to assume that someone divine decided that this boy had to die on Easter. Or, at the very least, someone divine, omnipresent and omnipotent just couldn’t be bothered to save this kid.

Why, it could almost make you wonder why he gets all the praise for random good luck, but never any of the blame for apparent blunders…

(Awesome GIF from photobucket)