Our Gift to Our Friends in Israel

its-da-bombWhat every nation  needs when it decides to once again beat the shit out of a minority within its borders:

a small-diameter bomb for low-cost, high-precision and low collateral damage strikes.

Presenting the GBU-39, sold to Israel by the United States with the approval of our faithful Congress. Used this week to blow up select parts of the Gaza strip in Operation “Just In Case There Wasn’t Enough Reason to Hate Israel Already.” We really are such a generous nation and a wonderfully unconditional friend of Israel: apache helicopters, F-18s, all the bombs and ammo they can eat. No, really, don’t mention it. Oh, and Mr. President-Elect, since you’ve already finished fellating the AIPAC crowd, why don’t you just ignore it all, and play some golf instead? That approach worked wonders for Dubya, don’t you know…