Plenty of Time to Screw Us Over More

Nice, Polite Republican Radio reports:

White House aides believe a lot of the liberal angst about health care will go away once the president actually signs a bill. And to the extent that the Democrats have a problem motivating their core voters, they’ve got time to fix it.

Right. It’s not like we’re right or anything, we’re just neurotic. I mean, after all, what could possibly make us feel like we’re being shafted by the very guy who ran on health care as a priority. Why, it’s almost like the White House is blowing us off right now because, well, they got our vote with their empty promises and campaign lies, so why on earth should they listen to us when Cigna and Big Pharma write much, much bigger checks in the off-season?

“We’re not overly concerned about these things, first and foremost because there isn’t an election tomorrow, not an election the next day,” says Dan Pfeiffer, White House communications director.

Yep. Dan and his boss is clearly playing this one by the book: tell the gullible lefties what they need to hear in order to secure their vote, then ignore them completely for a few years while you feverishly polish your bona fides with the establishment players, then switch gears and warm up a new brew of preposterous promises (aka bullshit) when it’s time to get the loathesome lefties back in line for your re-election. Are we really going to fall for it again? Tune in next time, when you’ll hear Barack Obama say: “Hey, it’s me and my empty promises or Caribou Barbie and her army of Tea Baggers — who would you rather have rule your world? I promise you, if I’m re-elected I’ll get around to doing all the stuff I promised I’d do the last time around — only with sprinkles on top. Honestly. Can I have your vote and your Dollars, please?”

And we’ll hear all the tepid moderates tell us that we just can’t rock the boat this time, no criticizing the Preznit, he means really well, he’ll do better the next time around — and, after all, the alternative is even worse, right? Right?

Oh, Also: I hope Bill Nelson (Douchebag-FL) loses his seat in the next election by a landslide, and then finds himself without health care living under a bridge while suffering a debilitating chronic illness… and that’s only because I’m too nice a guy to think of something really bad to wish for him.