How About a Shitty One-Termer?

jesus-facepalm-facepalm-jesus-epic-demotivational-poster-1218659828Cheap shot, I know, but when our bullshit-artist-in-residence serves such delicious low hanging fruit I am obliged to at least pretend to reach for it:

I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president

Really, Sir, would you? And what, pray tell, of your current masterful efforts to outdo even Jimmy Carter in the one-term wanker category? Are you just testing the waters to see how that one might work as a legacy, or are you going to surprise us all with some backbone and use your dwingling mandate to accomplish something more impressive and enduring than redecorating the White House but otherwise repeating and institutionalizing the epic failures of the Bush era?

(Wonderful Demotivator from here)