“That’s when I ended the story.”

Lilly Del Pinto, Illinois mother of a 5-year-old girl said she was halfway through reading “And Tango Makes Three” to her daughter “when the zookeeper said the two penguins must be in love.”

“That’s when I ended the story,” she said.

burmaAh, yes, teh gay has been spooking people in the Bible Belt again. And this time in the scary guise of gay penguins.

It’s the adorable (true) story of Tango, the baby penguin that’s adopted by a couple of male penguins in New York City’s zoo that has the knickers of uptight Xtians in a bunch. Because love, as Ted Haggard was so quick to point out in sermon after loathsome sermon, can only be found between heterosexuals

The really sad thing, of course, is that Silo and Roy, the two male penguins, apparently broke up recently, much to the snickering glee of bible-thumpers who see that as proof — hah! — that the whole gay couples thing is doomed to fail. Not sure what they think the current 50 percent divorce rate says about the regular couples thing as proscribed in that favorite fairy tale of theirs, but…

Anywho, a stalwart librarian (beware literate nerds with an iron will and an intimate knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System) insists that “And Tango Makes Three” belongs in the library and shouldn’t be thrown in with Hustler and the other X-rated stuff. Good for her. Alas, a somewhat more clueless colleague caved, and moved the book to the non-fiction section, claiming that “there was less of a chance that the book would “blindside” someone.”

Using that logic, I really, *really* want to know in which section of that library I should go to find the Bible…

UPDATE: In Norway you can now go see an entire exhibition on the concept of gay and bisexual animals. Called “Against Nature?” the show definitively does away with the myth humped by the homophobes particularly in the US.