Sad. Just Plain Sad.

depressed-manThe sad fact that Obama and the blue dog Democrats apparently have managed to piss away a slam-dunk opportunity to reform U.S. health care in a meaningful way is depressing enough. But there’s the overarching acknowledgement that Obama, the supposedly glorious hope for change and a fresh start, is turning out to be an abject failure, no better than the corrupt Democrats festering in the House and Senate.

We were promised transparency and an end to lobbyists, and yet, here we watch day after day as Obama’s hand-picked courtier, chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel, is busy fellating every sad sack health care lobbyist who can manage to slap his slimy schlong on the “gimme” counter in the White House. It’s all Alice in Wonderland: the committee on transparency and oversight is refusing to release documents of its findings, for fuck’s sake. Even without consideration of the grotesque contributions to our civil discource being delivered by Michelle Bachmann, Chuck Grassley and the rest of the hardcore wingnut crowd, this really is turning into some kind of bad Steven King novel. But half the ogres lurking in the dark are corrupt and clueless Democrats, not just mean ol’ Republicans.