Something Beautiful


I realize I’ve ranted and raved lately, gone off the deep end about dust and urban planning and perhaps come across as the developing world’s equivalent of a grumpy old man yelling at an empty chair

So, to make amends, this. Just because the kids around here are incredible in their own right — even the annoying ones incessantly begging for money or getting in your face when you don’t need it; yes, even the ones who probably stole our bunnies last night while our guard was away. Pretty ballsy move, that. They are proud, defiant, competent, radiant and unmessable-with.

They’re also not particularly keen on having their picture taken, but this little girl sitting on her dad’s shoulders let me get away with a shot or two before hiding in her sweater. (Yes. Sweater. It gets “cold” here in the evening). 

(For those of you who are into that sort of stuff: 1/2500 at f3.2 ISO 800, taken at sunset with the ol’ magic drainpipe, Canon’s 80-200 2.8L).