Sorry, We’re Contractually Obliged to Rip You Off

Wait, so let me get this straight: Sir Change-a-Lot and his brave night, Sir Geithner, insist that the big US automakers would have to go bankrupt before they could negotiate a loan from the US government, because that would allow them to renegotiate their union contracts and shaft the workers out of benefits, pensions, etc. But AIG and all of Geithner’s old buddies on Wall Street can simply get billions for the hell of it, no questions asked, and if they insist they need to keep paying out obscene bonuses, well, those are contractual obligations, so the government really can’t mess with that.

WTF? Sounds to me like the gravy train is still running strong, and if this is Obama’s way of dealing with “the most pressing issue” on hand, then we’re officially fucked, because he’s clearly not dealing, just handing out money hand over fist like some deranged sugar daddy — our money. Make it stop, please.