When In Doubt, Always Escalate the War

getting stoned with the drug czarYeah, big fat surprise from Sir Change-a-Lot there. Since the war on drugs is going not-so-peachy (only a douchebag would imagine a war on drugs could ever be won — you’d think twenty plus years of trying and failing would offer him a hint), he’s apparently mulling over a plan to add some military muscle to the lost cause. Seriously, is there any issue that the average American politician doesn’t think can be solved or dealt with thru brute force and cold steel? All the hawkish congress critters are apparently wildly aroused at the notion of militarizing the border and blowing up Eduardo bin Bonghead and his fellow Mexicans. Now, obviously, just giving Mexico $1.4bn in US-made hardware to continue the losing battle is not enough; so, in addition to throwing away our hard earned tax dollars, we apparently should also endanger the lives of the few remaning national guardsmen and -women who haven’t already been mutilated in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Elsewhere (aka Virginia — the sweaty, unshaved armpit of civilization) the stoner-band Phish (yeah, Vermont in the house! — so why the hell was their reunion concert-festival-thingie held at the other end of the Appalachian Trail?) apparently took the surprising move of hiring the police to raid their own show. Well, isn’t that novel? Sky-high on six kinds of crack and tripping on their own power, every god damn law enforcement agency known to mankind decided to get in on the action — partly, no doubt, for the fun of it, partly to cash in on the lucrative pickings of cash and fun drugs available. So, while the band that worships tripping played, hundreds of their loyal fans got busted by the cops that Phish had hired to provide security for the event. Duh, way to go, Phish. Next time, plan your show before you fire up the bong, will ya?