Sunset — on time, as always

view from gasabo

That’s the wonder of being a few degrees off the equator: sunset is at six sharp every night (and sunrise at six sharp as well). We go from daylight to pitch black in about 15 minutes. Took this shot from our balcony here in Kinyinya, Gasabo — there’s a big party going on at the SOS technical school next door with live music and hundreds of guests; dependeing on the mood there we may not be going to bed for a while.

(Yes, this an HDR image — hadn’t played around with that in a while, and thought it’d be a good opportunity to do so. Three shots, +2/-2 exposure around the neutral image, merged into one high dynamic range image that allows me to depict both the sun setting over the hills and a bit of detail in the foreground. And yes, this is technically known as cheating and frowned upon for photojournalists, but it looks good and this shot was just for fun, not an assignemnt, so there…)