This Is Not Alice in Wonderland

johnny-depp-alice-in-wonderland-photoOoh, snap! You gotta love it when a judge — usually pretty staid and formal characters — gets so pissed off with someone wasting his time that he serves up a whole can of legal whoop-ass with s generous helping of “drop dead, if you would, please.” Case in point, a judge in Georgia of all places has told Orly Taitz, Queen Bee of the Braindead Brigade, to STFU and not even think about trying to come back to court with more of her wingnut fabulation and conjecture about missing birth certificates.

Game, set and match to Judge Land. Now, if only the mainstream media would realize that having this abomination on their shows and giving her an outlet for her ridiculous (albeit entertaining) rants really just further dliutes their already weak standing with the public… I mean, by all means, have her on a shock “reality show” alongside the crazy cat lady from the park who thinks she’s being raped by aliens every night, and the smelly old guy who lives under the bridge and insists he’s really the king of Persia. But don’t serve her up as if she actually has something legitimate and worthwhile to contribute to our discourse. She doesn’t.

(Yes! Johnny Depp plays the Mad Hatter in a Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland coming out in early 2010. Can’t wait! Check out the trailer…)