Tornadoes are God's way of telling 11-year old boys they've been bad

no, not the real thing at all...… or something like that.

Seriously, I’m not a great fan of stories that involve 11-year old boys being killed at random by Mother Nature going all PMS on us; it’s the kind of thing that always makes me wonder how rational people — or even batshit crazy lunatics — can keep believing in their idea of God. If you’re religiously disinclined an event like this (oh, and this doozy of heavenly love from last year) seems like perfect proof that either a) there is no God, because surely he’d have stopped that tragedy from happening, b) there is a God, but he’s really too impotent and incompetent to be worth much in the way of worship, or c) there is a God, but he’s a nasty old bastard who gets his jollies by occasionally killing kids and breaking lots of stuff.

Either way, hardly seems worthwhile to give him the time of day…

(Photo from here; worth pointing out that — freaky as it looks — it’s not even a real tornado, it’s just Iowa’s idea of a blustery day…)