Vermont Sucks Dot Gov

demotivational-posters-indifferenceI do websites. Maybe not the most amazing sites, but I try, and apparently do it well enough for my clients. I consider myself a Vermonter. So when a report comes out that highlights an official Vermont State website as one of the suckiest in the nation, I can’t help but pay attention. Of course, from the Douglas administration one has to expect the exceptional — tritium in the water supply, bullshit on the airwaves and so on. So I can’t say I’m surprised. But, seriously, Governor: you couldn’t have screwed this one up with your indifference and unwillingness to deliver if you tried. Kudos to you.

Oh, and I understand that the guy in charge of this particular clusterfuck has recently been promoted to CTO for the state — what an ace HR move, Mr. Douglas, really spot-on. The guy couldn’t even slap together a two-bit website, and now he’s running IT for the entire state?!? Wiz kid Evslin apparently was also in charge of our surpremely shitty roads for a bit, and nowadays seems to spend most of his time writing crappy novels. Christ, we could have hired Best Buy’s Geek Squad and gotten a better handle on our statewide tech needs.

Meanwhile, Evslin probably made the right choice by not bothering to update his “about me” profile online — at the rate he moves on to defecate in and on new corners of the bureaucracy every couple of months it’s just not worth the effort.