Losing Another War? Priceless

Dude_wait_whatHey, Obama already showed us how he rolls when he agreed to throw an additional $30bn at Operation Lost Cause in Afghanistan. Yeah, baby, burn it like it’s nobody’s business… And so, it shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise that — in spite of these hard recessionary times with belt tightening for all (except the military) — Obama would find yet another hopeless war on which he could squander a few more taxpayer dollars. Viz, the War on Drugs — perennial favorite of wanna-be law-and-order hawks who feel a need to impress reactionary voters and the GOP with their depleted uranium balls of uncompromising toughness.

Yes, the same Obama who laughed dismissively when someone asked him about possibly legalizing marijuana has decided that the way to really deal with this shit is to throw more money at the law enforcement side of things. Never mind that his own drug czar showed up for work a few short months ago with progressive notions of treatment instead of criminalization, and that California is on the verge of legalizing pot.

Perhaps he really thinks this is the right thing to do; after all, nothing Sir Change-a-Lot thinks is the right thing to do can really surprise me these days — sadden me, yes, but surprise, no — or maybe Obama’s ever-so-sage advisors have told him that the best way to piss off the four remaining liberal supporters he’s got after botching the economy and health care is to go back to something old school like the war on drugs.

Either way, here’s to the $15bn that are to be spent next year on “enforcing” our ridiculous drug laws to make Obama look good to the gun-toting, straight-laced Bible belters who consider drugs on a par with gay abortions. Unfortunately for you, Obama, no matter how many stoners you throw in prison, the GOP and the average Republican will continue to make fun of you for being weak, pathetic, and too soft on crime. It’s got nothing to do with the facts. It’s got everything to do about you.