Vermont's Idea of Innovation and Information

officespaceDamn, I’m glad I’m about to send another few thousand dollars to Montpelier in a couple of hours. I mean, I’m clearly getting a real bang for my buck from Jim Douglas and his crack squad of innovators. Take David Tucker, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Innovation and Information (really — we have one? Who knew?), who decided that now that he was done jerking off to the latest collection of internet smut, nobody else could have any. Or something like that.

So, even though they already have firewall software that can be set to block random shit that’s found offensive, and even though tools like that don’t really work anyway, and even though it’s already a fire-able offense to be caught wasting your time & tax payer’s money jerking off to animated Tinky Winky fanfic, David still went and got himself a fat $120K of tax payer money from the gullible saps in the State House to blow on new, shiny prOn blocking software. Oh, and for good measure, he’s sending all that money out of state — since all we’ve gotten during Douglas’ tenure in Montpelier is lip service to any kind of tech development here in Vermont, it’s not like he could have used the money to stimulate the local economy (no pun intended).

But really, now. Don’t the kids in Montpelier have anything better to do with their time and my money than argue over how to stop each other from getting their jollies on? If there’s time to watch stuff like that while at work — or fret about what others might be watching, then there’s clearly not enough real work to go around. That last challenge can be addressed real easy: buh-bye, good luck finding a job elsewhere. Perhaps they can start with David Tucker…

(h/t GMD)