We live in a global world

bush“We live in a global world.” Thank you, President George W. Bush, for those words of wisdom. It’s so nice to have a Preznit who can edumacate us on the complexities of modern life. When he’s not busy telling fart jokes to his staff, of course.

The profound insight was shared during a talk Thursday in St. Louis. It came as part of Bush’s Energy 101 lesson:

We live in a global world. When the demand for oil goes up in China or in India, it causes the price of crude oil to rise. And since we import about 60 percent of the crude oil we use, it causes our price to go up as well, which means the economy becomes less competitive.

During his coming fundraising drive thru Illinois to support his BFF Dennis Hastert and a couple of their GOP buddies Bush is expected to share his insights on reproductive health (“see, in order for a girl to get pregnant, she needs to have sex with a man…”), stem cell research (“it’s pretty darn hard to figure anything out when it’s so small. I say we don’t do research on anything smaller than a Q-tip…”), and public health (“I always told my girls, I told ’em, you gotta wash your hands after you do number twos, you hear me?”).

We can hardly wait.