Nope, Killing Kids is Still Not Okay

This remains America's doing (Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty)I’ve harped on this issue before — I guess you could call it an obsession of mine. So here I go again: I can’t stand the notion of people hurting kids in any way for whatever reason; moreover, callous indifference towards the suffering or death of kids is guaranteed to get me really riled up. In that context, Arthus Silber elaborates on the disgusting state of moral decay that currently passes for US politics, pointing out that the American people will shortly be faced with the reality that if the invasion and subsequent occupation and violation of Iraq really was wrong on every count, then “we” as a nation are guilty of some rather substantial crimes against humanity, including the unnecessary death of thousands of kids.

Silber highlights the work of the Future of Freedom Foundation, specifically an essay titled “Killing Iraqi Children” by FFF founder Jacob G. Hornberger. Some really excellent work, and I look forward to reading more of their articles and resources.

In order to highlight just how degenerate our body politic has become, Hornberger reminds us of one of my own “favorite” low points in US foreign policy: Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s disgusting admission that she found the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children caused by the US-led sanctions against Hussein’s regime to be “worth it.” It really is a striking example of how detached from human suffering politicians can become while they play their little power games with other people’s lives.