We Think We Can… We Think We Can…

train_crashChrist, here in the US there’s nothing — absolutely nothing — in the way of genuinely visionary plans for high-speed rail. Sure, there’s talk of all the wonderful things that could be done, should be done, might be done if only, but not even with Sir Change-a-Lots underwhelming-yet-pricey stimulus package did we get something revolutionary set in motion on the rail front.

Meanwhile, not a day goes by without the Chinese inaugurating yet another trans-mongolian ultra-high speed magnetic levitation bullet train ahead of schedule and under budget, and in Yurp (where, according to your average right-wing think tank pundit, they can do nothing right and are slowly bloating themselves to death on government spending) they’re flying along, too:

A German high-speed train will visit Britain for the first time next month on a dry run for a direct rail service between London and Frankfurt.

Imagine that: infrastructure, future-proofing public transportation. Moving people away from inherently unsustainable and unsafe air travel. Making it easier to do business and get around.