Yeah! No More Limbo!

One happy baby not in LimboI’m sorry, but it’s just really hard to take people like, say, the Pope seriously, in spite of his kick-ass hat.

I mean, I really appreciate the effort to accomodate unbaptized kids; it’s quite compassionate to deem it necessary to give those unfortunate little almost-sinners a vaguely uncool playground just outside heaven where they can linger in questionable comfort while waiting for the Rapture.

I apologize up front to any offended Catholics out there, but conjuring up out of thin air and incense vapors the concept of some kind of virtual holding pen for dead babies and then having a heated debate a few hundred years later before announcing with pomp and circumstance that, well, maybe that’s not where they go after all, is just plain ludicrous.

I’ll type this really slowly so even the most dogmatic Xtian can follow along: We. Don’t. Know. What. Happens. After. Death. Nobody knows, it’s part of the mystery of life, part of what makes it so much more important to live this life to the fullest, rather than hoping against hope that the fairy tales about the next one might be true. You may claim to know better, and the faithful flock may buy it, but sorry, unless you upload the video of your trip to the afterworld and some very credible eye witnesses, I’m going to call bullshit on the whole deal. So, thankfully, do others, shaking their heads in disbelief that we even need to have these pseudo-debates about where their allmighty deity might decide to stick the kids He decides to kill early in life.