Corrupt Politician Meets Evangelical Scam Artist

dennis hasters meets k.a. paul It’s a match made — literally — in heaven.

Just reading up on the latest GOP nonsense. Apparently our corrupt, incompetent Speaker of the House who is about to resign because of his total failure to do anything other than cover up for his friends in the massive GOP pedophile scandal,  Dennis Hastert (R – Weightwatchers) met the other day with a roaming evangelist by the name of K. A. Paul. This is just rich:

Over the past two decades, Kilari Anand Paul, a self-described “Hindu-born follower of Jesus,” has cultivated a peculiar specialty as spiritual adviser to the scum of the earth. Liberia’s Charles Taylor, Yugoslavia’s Slobodan Milosevic, and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein are among the more infamous butchers to talk with Paul about the moral implications of running a brutal, repressive, and occasionally genocidal regime. In fact, Dr. Paul, as everyone calls him (thanks to an honorary degree from Living Word Bible College in Swan River, Manitoba), has counseled scores of corrupt political leaders at all levels of government, as well as warlords, rebels, and terrorists from Mumbai to Manila to Mogadishu. By Paul’s estimate, he has gone mano a mano with the leaders of every significant terrorist and rebel group in the 89 countries where his ministry operates.

A real winner; I’m so glad he’s the kind of guy our current leadership turns to for guidance in times of trouble. I guess it fits, eh: “[…] he meets with the leaders of every significant terrorist group […]” — and that would of course include the current Bush Junta.

PAUL: Really, no, it’s okay. The Lord will forgive you.

HASTERT: But… but… I really fucked up this time. I mean, we’re talking kids here.

PAUL: Ah, kids, schmids. At least you didn’t sever any of their limbs. You just ask yourself two things, Dennis: do they vote? Do they give to PACs?

HASTERT: Well, okay, if you say so. It’s funny, you’re so short and dark, but you sound an awful lot like Karl Rove, did you know that?

PAUL: Too kind, you’re too kind.

All that aside, I’m sorry, but you don’t get to call yourself “Doctor” just because you get a degree from the Living World Bible College in Swan River, Manitoba – that makes the Kuala Lumpur Institute of Textiles and Medicine (Dave Barry’s immortal phrase) look like one of the Ivys. The guy is a certifiable whack job:

Voters should oust congressional Republican leaders because U.S. foreign policy is delaying the second coming of Jesus Christ

So says “Doctor” Paul according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Tuesday. Hey, I want rid of the bozo brigade for so many other reasons, but if a delay of the second coming is the one that clinches the deal in the hardcore bible thumping mid-west, then I’ll take that, too.

More on Hastert’s new best friend (now that all the others seem to have left him behind like a bag of stinking gym clothes) can be found here.