Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work…

censorship2covering up the shit done in your name. Tell me again why we’re supposed to be so unflinchingly proud and unquestioning of this great army? Seems to me they’re no different than any other outfit: they screw up now and again. The only difference is, when the rest of us screw up, there’s accountability to be reckoned with. In the army the immidiate response to a screw-up is the cover-up. Sort of like regular government work, except with guns and dead people.

One would assume — ha ha — that this would perhaps lead congress and/or the MSM to more closely investigate all those other claims of innocense on the part of the US armed forces — like when they blow up weddings, kill journalists, rape kids etc. etc. and then insist they were all legitimate targets and that the armed forces did no wrong.

But one would only assume so in a sane world led and inhabited by sane people with a soul and a conscience, and that just not this one, is it?