Dear Weather Gods, Inc.

Norwich, December 19th, 2011

Dear Sirs,

I am writing in reference to our order #778443 of August 17th for one (1) New England Standard Winter (SKU 11442-3), pre-paid, with free delivery to our area guaranteed no later than December 15th.

After our initial conversation you were kind enough to send us a sample, which arrived around Thanksgiving. It was exactly what we were after, the kind of quality product we have come to expect from you, and we felt assured that everything was in order.

However, it is now close to December 30th, and we are still waiting for delivery of our order. Recently, the accessory kits (Freezing Cold, SKU 445-012 and Dark & Dismal, SKU 98744-2) arrived, and I’m happy to report that they’re both working fine – but without the rest of the order, it’s all a bit pointless, really. Customers are beginning to complain – several of our younger patrons have been seen crossing “Xbox” off their Christmas list and writing in “snow” instead; customers new to the area are shrugging their shoulders in dismay, asking our sales reps, “so, what’s the big deal with this winter fun you were advertising?”

Our colleagues in the alpine business have had no option but to go to your competitors and buy the Do-It-Yourself Winter kits, which are of course both more cumbersome and more expensive in the long run. Sadly, snow-making is not even an option for us Nordic skiers.

I know you’ve had a busy fall, what with you accidentally shipping an order from the Bahamas for an Atlantic Hurricane (SKU 56009-2) to our neck of the woods; I imagine that must have taken quite a bit of work to clear up in your warehouse. But apparently, they’re now getting snow storms in Texas, and we’re concerned that your shipping department is still in some disarray.

Don’t get me wrong. We greatly value and appreciate our long-standing relationship with your company – it’s only because of your reliability as a supplier that Ford Sayre has been able to provide 75 years of skiing to kids in the Upper Valley.

All the same, I’m asking you to please try to speed up production and/or shipping on this order. I know this is a busy time of year, and we’d be happy to pay extra for expedited shipping – as a matter of fact, we’ll gladly come pick up the package directly from the factory ourselves.

Please get back to us at your convenience – we’ll be sitting by the fire, patiently waxing our skis.

Expectantly yours,

/Lars Blackmore
Ford Sayre Nordic