Hunger Can Be a Positive Motivator

boy spoon— If you’re a cynical Republican bastard and someone else is doing the starving. Yes, those spoiled brats living beneath the povery line have had it too good for too long. “Enough,” says one of the bright lights in the New Order Right Wing world of family values and compassion. “Enough.”

Really, have they no shame? There is Rep. Davis, proudly wearing her cult-of-Jesus badge around her neck as she casually dismisses kids’ basic need for food as some sort of frivolous luxury. I think this is where the phrase callous bitch comes in handy.

Via HuffPo I found this story off the wires:

New government figures show that almost 700,000 children went hungry in the United States at some point in 2007, up more than 50 percent from the year before to mark the highest point since 1998

Thinkprogress points to a report that specifically highlights the fact that one in five Missouri kids currently lives with hunger. One in five. Until she has personally cooked each of them a big, juicy burger with all the trimmings and served it up with a hug and an apology, I think Rep David (R-Sadist) should take her ridiculous fear of a summer food program for kids who are going hungry and stuff it.

Update: Watertiger over at firedoglake of course picked up on this before I did, and had the appropriate hissy fit, too.

(Image from this cheerful little hub of alternative takes on life, the universe and everything)