What Would Jesus Pack?

JesusAK47Yet another good reason to stay the hell away from churches: they’re about to be riddled with people who not only believe in voices in the sky, but who are also armed and proud of it. Bobby Jindahl, the Apu of Louisiana, just signed the law that makes it legal to carry a concealed weapon to church. Yee-hah, pass the ammo.

Michael Jones takes a broader look at Bobby’s recent work at the Kwik-e Mart and finds it odd that he’d sign this bill so happily, while recently having denied the rights of gay couples to adopt with equal glee:

Loaded weapons inside churches? Yeah, that doesn’t pose a threat to kids. But well qualified and eager gay and lesbian adoptive parents? Hit the panic button.

It’s really too bad that God appears to have gone out of the smoting business — this would seem a perfect opportunity to reach down and thwack someone really firmly up the head.